About us

My name is Nikki. My passion for food started at a young age, always having had a curiosity while cooking in the kitchen with my parents and grandparents, Hearing stories about my Grandfathers restaurant, the Markarian Steakhouse which was a local favorite in St.Catharines to many.   Even while working for several years in sales and marketing I still felt drawn to food so, years later, Pondview Catering was born.

I have set out to create something different, to cater to peoples’ needs in a unique way, helping people enrich and simplify their lives through my food. My specialty is home made, fresh prepared food, delivered right to your door. I focus on seniors, families and singles with three simple goals in mind – to make your life tastier, healthier and easier!

I have a love for all things food, challenging myself to make everything from scratch, not taking any shortcuts. I rarely use a recipe, creating delicious meals through knowledge of ingredients and what works well together. As we all know, it can be difficult working full time and juggling parenting but I am lucky that cooking comes naturally to me. My husband and our two little boys, all who love food, enjoy helping me experiment with different dishes. Living in Port Dalhousie, overlooking Martindale Pond, my husband and I work out and run together with our kids several times a week. To fuel our busy life-style I focus on cooking flavorful nutritious foods. To me food is love, food is life and food is powerful.   It is so important at any age to fuel our lives with flavours that we love but also foods that benefit our bodies. 

Over the years I have learned to cook in a variety of ways through hours of research, recipe testing and planning with a nutritionist. I offer ketogenic meals, paleo,  vegetarian and traditional classic comfort foods. My background is Armenian, Scottish and English and my husband is Italian. I am fortunate to have learned many family “secrets” about exceptionally good eating and look forward to bringing them to you…….

My little family