Traditional Meal Program (perfect for seniors!)

Details on our service:  

  • One order consists of 3 meals= $59.00 (includes HST and delivery)
  • Fresh food, never frozen, just reheat and enjoy.
  • Support a local small business, no mass produced meals
  • Local produce and proteins whenever possible
  • Meals on the basic plan are chef’s choice, if you enjoy all foods this is the ideal plan for you to eat a variety of all the foods you love
  • No week by week commitment required
  • Meals are delivered Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening.  Depending on quantity of meals ordered. 
  • Someone must be at the residence to receive your order and put in fridge
  • In order to ensure your meals are the freshest, most local seasonal ingredients possible these meals are chef’s choice. That means that week to week you don’t know exactly what you are getting but you can trust that you will enjoy it based on our initial consultation.
    Consultation: Email or call us prior to placing your initial order to discuss your likes and dislikes and favourites OR if it is only a few things that you don’t enjoy, list them in the notes section when ordering online. We will then customize our weekly meals for you. 
  • We are happy to offer custom plans where you choose your exact meals,  at an additional price, please call or email us to discuss pricing and menu options
  • We can accommodate any dietary restrictions (vegetarian, grain-free, lactose- free etc.)

Ordering and delivery information:

  • Delivery for Monday- Place order by Friday Prior 
    Delivery for Wednesday- Place order by Monday prior
    Delivery for Friday- Place order by Wednesday prior
  • Orders will be delivered- Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings between 3-6pm

Payment process:

  • Our website is set up to receive Visa or Mastercard- just go to the checkout and click on the option that bests suits your needs
  • Credit card payments at the door, e-transfer, cash or cheque

What will my meals be:

Meals will vary depending on the season, we try to use locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. Antibiotic and hormone free meats direct from the farm. Being located in the Niagara region Spring, Summer and Fall are our favorite seasons for local produce! Below is an idea of what to expect but we are not limited to these and are even always open to requests! 

Examples of traditional Meals currently on rotation:

Chicken and Turkey
-Roasted chicken with orzo, seasonal vegetables
-Chicken Pot Pie
-Chicken tenders with honey mustard sauce, seasonal vegetables
-Barbecue chicken, roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables
-Greek chicken, with rice or potatoes, seasonal vegetables
-Roasted chicken breast, rice pilaf, seasonal vegetables
-Panko crusted chicken thighs or drumsticks, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables
-Turkey meat balls over rice or noodles, seasonal vegetables
-Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, seasonal vegetables

-Pasta bolognaise
-Shepard’s Pie. seasonal vegetable
-Baked pasta with meat sauce
-Hearty beef stew
-Roasted sirloin, garlic rosemary roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables
-Mild chili with fresh corn bread
-Beef and mushroom meatballs with rice or pasta, seasonal vegetables
-Beef pot roast, mashed potato, seasonal vegetables
-Lasagna with garden salad
-Grilled sirloin, grilled potatoes, seasonal vegetables

-Roasted pork tenderloin with braised apples and onions, seasonal vegetables
-Pulled pork with roasted potatoes or baked beans and vegetables
-Stuffed porkchops or pork roast with potatoes, seasonal vegetables
-Grilled pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables
-Stuffed pork roast with mashed potatoes, gravy and seasonal vegetables
-Pork chops with mushroom gravy, rice pilaf, seasonal vegetables
-Ham with scalloped potatoes, seasonal vegetables
-Sausage and mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables

Vegetarian and pastas
-Baked macaroni and cheese with fresh seasonal vegetables
-Lentil shepherd’s pie
-Vegetable Lasagna
-Linguini with pesto, seasonal vegetables
-Broccoli, cheddar cheese and baked potato casserole
-Vegetable quesadillas
-Vegetarian pasta with seasonal vegetables and parmesan cheese
-Roasted eggplant, zucchini and tomato over orzo topped with goat cheese
-Mushroom, sage and leek pie
-Spinach and cheese pie

-Classic chicken noodle, creamy tomato and vegetable
-Turkey and rice with vegetables
-Kale with sausage and potato
-Italian wedding
-Roasted butternut squash